D:  You lay the lawn, I’ll do the watering

We have grass!  Now we are wondering why on earth we didn’t put it in earlier.

Also, I realised that I have posted very few pictures of D smiling, even though he does so most of the time!  More smiley photos is my new mission.

Joining in The 52 Project.



The Force


This little boy.  When it comes to launching into a rough and tumble game, uninvited, he has no fear.  He grabbed the longest stick he could find and charged.  He was shown no pity but even as he winced with each whack of his brother’s…sword? light sabre?…he sallied forth undeterred.  His sundried cane was no match for the handle of the hoe but who cares if it snaps in half, that just means you can combat from a shorter distance!


Then later on he was observing our tiny turtles when one made a successful escape bid, and as she scaled the enclosure he squealed in terror and hid behind me.

Beach + icecream = summer



D:  I want to play with the ball too!

As long as the water doesn’t get above my ankles, that is.  This was taken around 8.30pm and it was getting cool, but our holiday in Bosa demonstrated that even on a hot afternoon he preferred playing by the shore.



D: Enchanted little yogurt-face

Now that it’s seriously hot all he wants to eat is “logurt” and “i-keen”.  And who can blame him?

Joining in The 52 Project.

Too much cake?



D:  Cake…good…sleep

Forget about a sugar high, this is clearly a sugar low after polishing off a slice of his birthday cake (2 years old!).

I noticed him zoning out resting his head, but I never thought he’d fall asleep – that’s a first!


Joining in The 52 Project.




D:  Straws are the best


I took to him with the scissors.  I had to be fast but I’m pleased with my handiwork, as are the naysayers who didn’t want him to have a haircut, ha!  The curls are already making a comeback…

Joining in The 52 Project.

Quiet time



D:  Chillin’

I’m the first to admit that the hypnotic effect of TV on active minds and bodies is a sanity saver when it’s time to get dinner ready.  If he’s outside playing when dinner goes on the table, it can be Tragic which does not a relaxed mealtime make.

And yes, his first haircut is overdue:


Joining in The 52 Project.