I’ve moved…

Hello friends who get email notification of my posts! I have started a new site to share my pictures and anything else that inspires me…you can find me at Nasreen Joy!



I’ve been staying away from the computer.  One reason is that it’s gone funny and everything looks streeeetched.  We have not been bothered to get it sorted.  Does not make for practical photo viewing or editing, though – so enjoy these unedited shots!  A long-awaited laptop is on its way, ushering in a new prod for productivity…



D:  Checking out the camping setup in the van

Even though he was not invited on the trip.  Neither was Cioko.



D:  More photo!

He loves sitting on the table, and struck a few poses before I captured him scratching nonchalantly.



D: Sitting quietly in the late afternoon sun

This was my view from the kitchen and the reason my camera lives on the kitchen bench.



D:  Sizing up which “seaball” to throw into the water

Although there is always at least one member of the family that does not want to leave the house on a lazy Sunday afternoon, everyone ends up enjoying an outing.

Joining in The 52 Project.

And a little D smile for you…


Cooling off


A hot afternoon, a sprinkler and a steamy courtyard.


The older two asked for detergent to assist their slipping and sliding…request denied.  After they had slid and laughed themselves out they laid under the showering sprinkles.


Then they remembered:  we have grass!!  It was off to get towels and chill out, with littlest happy to join in, carefully spreading out his towel.


With summer being the busiest time in our business, the boys stay home a lot while we’re making nougat or recovering from a festival.  It’s always nice to see them playing together, cooling off and expending some energy at the end of a boring day.


Beach babe



D: I’ll just pose here

I realised we hadn’t been to the beach since our days away in Bosa, so on a lovely mild Tuesday morning we headed off to Funtanazza.  So worth it to drive a little further to the beautiful beaches of the Costa Verde.

Joining in The 52 Project.